Using data analytics and behavior science, Jellyvision’s AI powered bot, ALEX, helps, educates, and guides employees down the best path when it comes to selecting their medical and VB benefits.


What is Jellyvision?

Yeah, Jellyvision is a SaaS company founded in 1989. As we know, health insurance and voluntary benefits have become a lot more robust over those years, and they're always changing, enhancing, and providing more options. For employees, this can lead to a lot of increased confusion and we know the days of employees sitting one-on-one is long gone. Our platform, ALEX, helps organizations and their team members untangle the complicated web of employee benefits. ALEX is an interactive and tech-based guide to a company's employee benefits and designed to empower employee to make well-informed and educated decisions when it comes to selecting their healthcare needs.

How is Jellyvision different?

Yeah, Jellyvision's different because ALEX is the most interactive, hyper-personalized benefit experience on the market. Not only is ALEX a user first design rooted in behavior science principles and powered by predictive analytics, but ALEX is also conversational and interactive while providing personalized benefit recommendations. ALEX provides in-depth education and engagement throughout the employee lifecycle and empowers decision-making for HR teams via comprehensive reporting tools. And since ALEX lives as a URL, employees and employers have access anywhere at any time, and by layering predictive analytics, economics, and behavior science, we have elevated the decision support platform and capabilities to whole new level.

Who is a good fit for Jellyvision?

You know, it's been a crazy last couple of years and HR is more stretched out than ever before. And if HR teams still exists, it's pretty rare, and they're facing many challenges and wearing a lot of hats. They're tasked by protecting a company's investment in the people and also the benefits. And it's become much more challenging when dealing with increasing complicated benefit packages, tighter budgets, reduced staffing, et cetera, et cetera. This leaves leaders with a tall order. Scaling benefits, engaging in a personal way that recognizes each different generation individual and their set of unique circumstances, which is also different levels of risk aversion, doctor preferences, financial perspectives, and the list goes on and on. So, how do they do that? How do you truly treat your employees as the individual human they are? How do you build connections when you have so much other things to deal with and how do you do it at scale? So who is a good fit? It's really any employer organization that's struggling to reach, engage, and communicate with their employees before, during, and after open enrollment. This is where ALEX provides the best ROI and can be counted on to help in these areas.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Friday, December 15, 2023

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