Proactive MD

Proactive MD is the home of innovative Advanced Primary Care and is passionate about helping people live healthier lives, partnering with employers, and driving down healthcare costs.


What is Proactive MD?

Proactive MD is an Advanced Primary Care Solution. We partner with employers of all different types and sizes across the country to be able to deliver broad scope primary care through onsite and nearsite Health Centers that are going to help them improve the health outcomes and contain costs for their health plans. We're in 17 states today. We have over 70 sites around the country, and we're proud to serve over 140,000 total lives. Those are the numbers. Who we are at our core is people who are incredibly passionate about being able to elevate the standard of primary care in this nation and be able to work with employers to deliver that to their people.

How is Proactive MD different?

I could talk all day about ways we're different. I'm going to focus on three here today. The first is that we are data driven. Data is at the core of everything we do. We recognize every population that we serve of employees and family members has unique healthcare challenges, opportunities, healthcare trends, so being able to empower our clients with information about those trends so we can help develop and implement strategies as well as being able to empower our care teams with that information is critical to what we do. The second is our very high level of service, from a patient care perspective we're going to make sure that our patients get the very best primary care experience that they've ever had in their lives. Limited wait times to no wait times, full scope primary care. It's a different experience. And second, for our clients, making sure they know they're very well supported with account management and we're responsive to their needs and really treat them as partners. The third is that we're proud to say that we pioneered the use of the social work trained Patient Advocate embedded in the care team. This is an individual who works alongside the providers, comes alongside the patient to help them navigate complex care coordination issues, or identifying the social determinants of health and finding community resources to help them.

Who is a good fit for Proactive MD?

This is our patient promise. We're only and always about the patient and promise to always fight for their greatest good. We work with employers across industries, municipalities, manufacturing, office: from one to two employees up to 10s of 1000s. The one common denominator is that the clients we work with are as committed to taking care of their people as we are. So if you're an employer to whom this patient promise resonates, let us know. We'd love to partner with you.

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Posted: Monday, June 12, 2023

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