AffirmedRx, PBC

We are a full service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that puts patients over profits. We guarantee a move to us will decrease your spend and increase your member satisfaction.


What is AffirmedRx, PBC?

Thanks for having us, Chris. AffirmedRx, PBC is our take at how we reimagine pharmacy benefit management for jumbo self-funded employers. So we've created a new pharmacy benefit manager to be a full replacement to what would be an Express Scripts, CVS, or Optum contract.

How is AffirmedRx, PBC different?

Thank you, Chris, and this is really what matters to us the most and appreciate the question, is we've really thought about it. We've looked across the entire scope of the industry and found out that there's a lot of things that happen in a way that always benefits the pharmacy benefit manager organization and its shareholders. And we've really wanted to create a pharmacy benefit manager that's unconflicted and only works in the best interest of our client and their members. So the first thing we did is how we set up our corporate structure. We did it as a public benefit corporation. As a public benefit corporation we do not work to maximize shareholder value. We work to bring as much good to as many people as possible. Two, when we think about current pharmacy benefit managers they never want to give clients data. I always find it interesting, if they're doing such a good job in saving so much money wouldn't they want all that data to be out there to prove it? We lead with that ownership. We say, "Client it's your data, take it. It's not my data." So complete visibility down to the claim level with rebates and everything from a data perspective. Additionally, PBMs who mostly live in a 35 year old DOS-based technology today, you know, have a very limited ability to do things. Definitely a limited ability, availability to bring better member experience and personalized care into their offerings. So with our Windows-based rules-driven technology we can do a lot of things a lot easier than other PBMs so it gives us the ability to align our efforts with our clients and always put patients over profits.

Who is a good fit for AffirmedRx, PBC?

Yep, thanks Chris. Definitely want to work with those progressive brokers and consultants who are paying attention to the national and state level efforts to reign in what PBMs are doing. There's a reason there's so much activity in this PBM industry trying to fix it. We hope we're a vocal piece of that. So we work with self-funded employers of any size to bring clarity and business practices to what they're trying to get. I'm a pharmacist by training, as is most of our account management team, so really want to bring that, you know, high level clinical touch to 'em to make sure that we're bringing a better offering to our clients and their members.

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Duration: 02:54

Posted: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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