XP Health

XP Health makes offering high-quality vision care easy. Our seamless online vision platform handles everything from easy in-person eye exams to buying personalized eyewear online and more. No co-pays, no claims, no hassles.


What is XP Health?

We've seen incredible innovation and benefits over the last decade driven by technology. Single point solutions have revolutionized spaces like mental health, telemedicine, and fertility by providing a better user experience. XP Health is providing similar disruption to traditional vision benefits. Powered by best in class AI, XP Health provides a one of a kind user experience through a digital care platform that is custom built for each employer.

How is XP Health different?

In a lot of ways. XP Health has re-imagined vision benefits from the ground up to remove the limitations that exist within traditional insurance. We've designed a more inclusive benefit that impacts 100% of employees, not just those with prescriptions. In addition to prescription contacts and glasses, we've incorporated modern eyewear solutions, like computer glasses, to help the workforce deal with excessive screen time and the negative impact of blue light. We offer three times the benefits of traditional vision plans. So employees can take advantage of that expanded inventory. XP Health has eliminated confusing benefit schedules. No copays or claims, things that unnecessarily complicate the user experience. In addition to a improved user experience, our digital approach allows us to directly connect our end users with our wholesale purchase designer frames and in-house manufactured lenses. It leads to a higher quality product without all the unnecessary markups in the traditional supply chain. On average, we are seeing a 75% reduction in employee out of pocket spend. And last, but not least, we are finally providing data transparency that can be accessed at any time through the digital platform. For the first time, employers have real time data showing important metrics like utilization and average out of pocket spend.

Who is a good fit for XP Health?

Simply put, everyone. You know XP Health adds value to groups of all sizes and industries. It can be offered as a full replacement to an existing vision plan or can be added alongside as an enhancement. If your focus as an employer or a consultant is to provide the best experience to employees through benefits, then XP Health is a great fit. Through a digital platform and direct to consumer model, XP Health is able to provide an improved user experience with personalized care navigation, three times the benefits of traditional plans at significantly reduced costs.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2022

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