Certilytics is a data management and predictive analytics company that helps benefit advisors improve plan design, identify avoidable spending, and evaluate program performance—to make your clients’ employees happier, healthier, and more productive.


What is Certilytics?

Certilytics is the leading data management and predictive analytics partner transforming our country's largest and most advanced healthcare organizations, we're located out of Louisville, Kentucky, have 120 employees, our entire technology platform has been built from scratch with open source technologies and we currently process 30 million member lives through our platform infrastructure on a weekly basis. Our customers include plan sponsors, health plans PBMs and provider health systems.

How is Certilytics different?

Certilytics is different than legacy data warehousing and analytics vendors because we specialize in the prospective identification of opportunity. We do this through something called the opportunity framework, which is an actuarial and data science tool that quantifies the expected value associated with modifying adverse clinical outcomes. This includes things like opioid abuse, ER overutilization, the onset of new chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD and so on. What this framework does is it quantifies the expected dollar value on an individual level associated with modifying those outcomes through some sort of intervention, like benefit design, education, a third party clinical management and so on so that our plan sponsor customers can set a strategy at the beginning of the year in terms of where to invest their dollars, to maximize ROI and improve employee wellbeing.

Who's a good fit for Certilytics?

We love working with customers who want to use their data to build a personalized employee healthcare ecosystem. Each one of our customers has made a conscious decision to move away from their legacy data warehouse and analytics tools so that they can use predictive to drive smarter decisions. They do this in a variety of ways, focused on improving employee health, wellbeing, and productivity. They want to avoid avoidable overspending, evaluate vendor performance and I think most importantly match the right employee with the right program at the right time so that they can incentivize their health plan partners to focus on value as opposed to fee for service.

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Duration: 02:39

Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Video tags: Over 5000 EEs