We simplify the complexities of self-insurance by leveraging clinical and member advocacy and expertise in claim reimbursement, payment integrity, and billing accuracy. Data-driven enabling true transparency for smarter, better, faster healthcare.


What is Valenz?

Valenz is a transparent data enabled healthcare ecosystem solution focused on impacting the medical cost of the health plan. Our brand promises to engage early and often in the claim management process, because Chris, as we all know, 5%-15% of claims are gonna drive over 70% of plan year spend. Through a member-centric service model, we facilitate a journey for the member that is driven by the data, which starts pre-claim, and continues throughout the claim cost arc, as the claim matures. Through our data solution, which is continuously learning and adapting, decisions are rendered and outcomes are improved. This is key to the transparency that occurs because we share with you what we learn and enable and adapt that as we move forward with the plan, the member, and the payer.

How is Valenz different?

Very simply Chris, balancing and aligning, and it's driven by our culture. Our culture focuses on the member and ensures the other parties to the claim are engaged. When we talk about transparency and the member journey, we understand there are other constituencies to that claim. There are two key qualities that differentiate us. First, for Valenz, We believe successful outcomes and experiences lie in balancing the quality utilization cost equation which reduces friction and disruption to the member experience. Why is that important? Well, Chris, because second, we're committed to aligning the parties. The payer, provider, and patient. Using data, the member's experience, and the plan's design, we create a value proposition that respects and works for all three parties. We're different because of our proven ability to balance the economics and drive measurable value for all the parties, executed by a Valenz team through a lens of data, transparency, and collaboration.

Who is a good fit for Valenz?

Chris, it's two parts. There's a who; self-insured employers, TPAs benefit advisors captive managers, health plans, stop loss reinsurance carriers, providers, and health systems. And then there's a how or a what; culturally anyone who wants to replace their high-cost, low-value, hard-to-measure program of today. Agnostic to where you sit in the chain of self-insurance, If you're an employer or working with one, who are fed up with their current health plan, frustrated by a lack of transparency and a lack of integration, and along the claim cost arc angered by reports that don't enable an understanding of the value of what they're paying for in healthcare. And if you're tired of hearing your members complain, "my healthcare is too costly," we are a full medical health plan replacement option. We offer an unbiased objective view and believe there's a better way of doing healthcare. From financing the cost to building a member-centric model, together let's build a better overall experience for the plan, the member, and the provider.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Friday, March 4, 2022

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