Vida Health

Vida Health is a virtual care company intentionally designed to treat mental and physical conditions together.


What is Vida Health?

Vida Health is a virtual care company that focuses on treating the mind and the body together. If you look at any of the prevalent chronic conditions that are plaguing our society, they're all influenced or sometimes even outright caused by mental health conditions. Stress, depression, and anxiety lead us to unhealthy habits. Those unhealthy habits cause chronic conditions and the diagnoses of those chronic conditions make the stress, anxiety, and depression worse, and that gets us stuck in a vicious cycle. So at Vida, we focus on treating the mind and the body together to change that behavior and get people out of those bad habits. We focus on delivering care through humans and we use technology, like artificial intelligence, to personalize the experience and give our human providers superpowers, but not replace them.

How is Vida Health different?

Well, we're different, really, because of the outcomes. If you look, for example, at this chart, what you're looking at here is a population from a major health plan, and this data comes from 2020. If you're treating that population with just Vida's diabetes program, you're gonna see really strong outcomes. 1.5 A1c reduction in four and a half months. But if you also treat the depression alongside the diabetes, you're gonna see a 33% greater A1c reduction, from 1.5 to 2 points in the same four and a half month period. And this is representative of what we see across all of our clients.

Who is a good fit for Vida Health?

You know, I would say that anybody who's really focused on outcomes is a good fit for Vida Health. Some organizations are gonna be a little bit more focused on perks like ping pong tables and kombucha on tap and things like that. But if you really want to deliver outcomes and help reduce your costs and reduce the tax of chronic disease on your employees' productivity and wellbeing, then Vida is a great fit. And you can see here from the logos on this slide that we have a really strong track record of working with organizations from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, like Boeing and Huntington Ingalls, retail, like Bass Pro, tech, like eBay, and PayPal, financial services, like Prudential and Visa. They're all really good fits, but we're also especially proud of the fact that we work with health plans. So you can see Centene on here and you can see Humana. And I would say that it's because of the personalization, that coupling of technology and human care and the treating of the mind and body together, that we're able to treat people from a really wide range of backgrounds. Some are very tech-savvy and some are not, and I'm especially proud that we can run the whole gamut.

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Duration: 02:59

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2022

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