We combine traditional telemedicine with IN-HOME diagnostics (X-ray, Ultrasound, EKG, Strep & Flu tests, etc.) into one complete service. Reduce low-acuity visits to the ER and Urgent Care, mitigate claims, and deliver the best care to your clients.


What is EZaccessMD?

EZaccessMD is telemedicine on steroids. Every patient is seen by a board-certified physician who has the option to order at-home diagnostic tests such as an x-ray, an ultrasound, a lab test, or even an otoscope exam of an eardrum. A mobile exam is quickly dispatched to the patient's home to perform the test and transmit the results from the home to the physician. Within a few short hours, the patient has a confirmed diagnosis, a treatment plan, and a script when needed. Plus behavioral health is integrated into our service, so one call does it all.

How is EZaccessMD different?

Four ways. Number one, we are the only service in the country that offers on-demand, in-home diagnostic testing in conjunction with telemedicine. Why is this important? We can do 85% of what happens in urgent care. Number two, we have the highest utilization rate in the industry. Number three, the highest NPS score in the industry. Our patients love our service and it shows in their utilization and their feedback. And number four, only pay for what you use. Our PEPM rate is utilization-driven. Your rate changes as your utilization go up or down month to month.

Who is a good fit for EZaccessMD?

All self-insured employers reap the immediate benefits when their employees call us, instead of driving to a brick-and-mortar clinic, instead of writing a check, they just pay our PEPM fee and save. Fully insured companies will see significant claims reduction and save on renewals. Our geographic coverage is shown here in the states in orange with mobile service and the states in teal is telemedicine. We're growing fast to expand our service across the country.

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Duration: 02:26

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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