JoyScore is a self-care app designed to help people reach their potential, achieve their goals, and rediscover their joy.


What is JoyScore?

JoyScore is a mobile app designed to help people improve their life goals, achieve whatever they have in mind, achieve success, in most cases, using mind, body, and life techniques.

How is JoyScore different?

Well, there are many apps in the marketplace trying to help you learn meditation, yoga, or different aspects of life, but there's nothing comprehensive which deals with the whole lifestyle. The concept of how to achieve your goals in life that our parents could have taught us if they knew how to teach us, but JoyScore is what we should have known when we graduated from the university, or were growing up in high school, or whatever university. In fact, we are in the process of introducing it to the university as a University 101. I started teaching in 1978 as a professor at University of Oregon, and all my life I have taught. So this is an educational app to help people learn how to live a life and achieve success.

Who is a good fit for JoyScore?

We pretty much think anyone who lives and breathes on this planet is a good candidate to benefit from it. We are introducing it to young people like as early as three and four-year-olds, and then we are helping people who are in the retirement homes ready to move on beyond this life. So it's pretty much anyone, but predominantly the best time to really benefit from it when you are starting your high school, then college, and early professional life so that you can have the most out of it.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2022

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