Milk Stork

Drive diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities with Milk Stork breast milk shipping and lactation support benefits.


What is Milk Stork?

So Milk Stork is a breast milk shipping and lactation support benefit platform. So employers drive forward your diversity, equity, and inclusion priorities by supporting your employees with the most practical solution that solves the logistical challenges of being a working parent with a newborn at home.

How is Milk Stork different?

So Milk Stork is the first and only dedicated breast milk shipping company. We've shipped over 5 million ounces of breast milk all around the world. We offer services to transport both refrigerated and frozen breast milk to ensure that your employees can prioritize feeding their baby and advancing their career without having to choose. So our customer care team is really our secret sauce. They are all in-house employees who navigate those logistical challenges of shipping liquid gold. They provide proactive and compassionate support to folks using Milk Stork so your employees don't have to worry about the challenges that come along with keeping their breast milk safe for their baby. Milk Stork is so simple to launch and manage. It takes just a day or two for your employees to have access to the breast milk shipping that they need.

Who is a good fit for Milk Stork?

Milk Stork is trusted by almost 900 employers across all industries and we are the best in class experience by far. Employees love Milk Stork and so do their employers. We can help employers really of any size. We support companies that have 500,000 employees and we support companies that have 50 employees. We've really made it easy to launch this benefit with a nominal investment. Our clients truly see value and we've grown to love getting all the feedback that Milk Stork is a no-brainer.

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Duration: 02:32

Posted: Thursday, August 4, 2022

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