Frame Fertility

Frame is the first and only proactive family building & fertility solution that results in better health outcomes, lower costs and greater peace of mind for employees and employers (95 sat score)


What is Frame Fertility?

Great, Frame is a totally different type of family building benefit that is desperately needed today because the journey is reactive, self-directed and a mess. If someone tells a doctor they want a family someday, they're told just to wait and try when ready. They then bounce around to various doctors, many of which don't have time or the depth in fertility to dig in, leading people back to social media, family and friends. This then leads to numerous missed opportunities to uncover underlying conditions where time constraints make costly fertility treatments such as IVF the only option. Meanwhile, conditions that impact fertility remain untreated and progress even into more serious disorders. The bottom line is this mess equals higher costs and worse outcomes. So that's why we exist. At Frame, our mission is to streamline the experience through one touch point and address underlying root causes proactively to ensure that people are using the right services at the right time.

How is Frame Fertility different?

We are basically redefining the term family planning. Our secret sauce is our proprietary early detection engine based on research and clinical expertise to surface risk factors as early as possible while also improving overall health. And by starting earlier and focusing more broadly, Frame can drive impact where other solutions may miss out. And we pair each employee and, or plus one with a dedicated coach who unpacks their results, zeros in on next steps from engaging them in their preventive care to their employer's other benefits they don't know they have, or in services Frame offers like lifestyle coaching, education and community. This sticky relationship simplifies the experience and ensures plan adherence and behavior change. And finally, we are broadly inclusive, supporting the 95% of reproductive age people who may want children someday. So any person, any stage, any family you want to build. And it's about something that's positive, something you want versus something you're trying to avoid, which makes Frame uniquely engaging.

Who is a good fit for Frame Fertility?

Well, as you might expect, we take a broad approach here too, and that's what we're hearing from the market, a broad need. And what we offer is a fertility and family building solution that meets all of an employer's goals of providing a best in class benefit, a great employee experience, and something that lowers costs. And we work with employers of any size, especially of the reproductive age population because we have a pricing model rooted in utilization. And we can support you if you have nothing today, some plan coverage. Or even if you have a treatment focus benefit, we can navigate to those if needed while counterbalancing the costs and optimizing lifestyle factors to improve outcomes. And finally, we find great alignment with employers who want to think beyond the reactive models and focus on whole health improvement and better outcomes.

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Duration: 02:53

Posted: Friday, November 11, 2022

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