True Rx Health Strategists

TrueRx is a family run, pharmacist-led Pharmacy Benefit Manager. We provide ethical, transparent and patient focused programs with clinical solutions that put patients first and drive employer savings.


What is TrueRx?

TrueRx is a five generation family run pharmacy benefit manager. We've been bringing pharmacy innovation since the 1800s. We are headquartered in Washington, Indiana, and we operate nationally with over a quarter of a million covered lives in integration with over 50 TPAs. We bring patient focused solutions to provide the savings and protection that we find employers are desperately needing today.

How is TrueRx different?

We projected Rx spend to reach about 50% within a few years. But consultants are already looking to us for solutions as it's reaching higher percentages already. That was no surprise to us because 80% of the medications coming to the market are specialty with some of those being over $1 million a fill. At TrueRx, we operate with only two sources of revenue, an admin fee and a shared savings. And the shared savings only takes place if we're doing the advocacy work for alternative specialty savings. We provide 100% of the rebates back with no spread pricing. With that, we're educating and consulting with our partners on how to best protect and strategize to provide the best impact for the plan. We have comprehensive in-house solutions, as you see here, led by a team of pharmacists where we don't need third party vendors who are adding excess cost. We have solutions with copay maximization, specialty solutions, employer clinic solutions, a genomics program, a way to maximize your rebate dollars, and a J-Code program to minimize the effect of Rx hitting the medical side of the plan. Being a family run company, customize and offer flexibility while our partners work with a dedicated team of pharmacists and clinical experts through a direct line of communication.

Who is a good fit for TrueRx?

Chris, care is at the heart of everything that we do. We value the fact that integrity is one of our values and we take that seriously. With that, we're protecting our consultants, our plan sponsors, and our partners by watching changes in the industry closely and providing the best solutions. Our best partners are those who wanna ethically align to provide innovative patient focused programs for their clients, knowing that TrueRx will always be standing by your side as your consultant and partner.

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Posted: Monday, October 17, 2022

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