Wellable is a holistic wellness provider that empowers organizations to create engaging and effective wellness programs. Its offerings include an award-winning wellness platform, educational content, fitness classes, and more.


What is Wellable?

Wellable is an employee wellness technology and services company. We're based right here in Boston, founded back in 2012, really with this idea of promoting holistic well-being for all of our clients and their employees. In terms of what we actually offer, it's a modular ecosystem of wellness solutions. And what we mean by modular is that each client basically gets to pick and choose exactly what they want to include in scope for their program. So we have a really great modern wellness platform that centralizes a lot of activities. And from there, you can bolt on all these different options, whether it's health content, on-demand classes, on-site or virtual services, rewards, and a whole host of other solutions.

How is Wellable different?

One way that we differentiate ourselves is really just that holistic approach. So from our wellness challenges to the classes that we offer to some of those services that I mentioned, it really is designed to address different dimensions of well-being. We have the classic step challenges and fitness classes and ways to get people engaged in that physical domain, but we're always thinking about ways to support individuals with healthy sleep habits, nutrition, mindfulness, personal finances, really, all those different dimensions of wellness that promote whole, happy, healthy individuals. We also really do like to have the option for our clients to customize their programs. So we provide a lot of turnkey solutions, but everything can be configured at the organizational level. And our account management support, second to none, is something that works for both smaller groups that are looking for a more self-directed model, as well as larger groups that need a more hands-on support model.

Who's a good fit for Wellable?

Everyone. We do support a few different markets. On the employer side, like I mentioned earlier, we have solutions that meet more of those small, midsized market requirements, but also, kinda scaling up to the enterprise level. We also work with health plans directly to support their internal wellness programs, as well as for their members. We have a property business that supports tenant experience. And we also have a really successful reseller model to enable other wellness services companies with a digital wellness solution through our platform.

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Duration: 02:34

Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021

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