Opioid Clinical Management

The ORx Suite identifies medical costs due to opioid prescriptions inside of large employer health plans; First patent pending “Prevention” solution for the Opioid Crisis.

75% of plan members prescribed an opioid suffer some form of withdrawal.


What is Opioid Clinical Management?

Opioid Clinical Management is a prevention solution for the opioid crisis that our product, the ORx Suite, identifies hidden medical costs inside of large employer health plans due to opioid prescriptions. Those hidden costs are actually the costs for severe opioid withdrawal that had never been identified or had technology that could identify it before. 75% of plan members, unknowingly to employers, who are prescribed an opioid will suffer some form of withdrawal. And it's really due to the fact that pain fluctuates, and members end up chasing the pain and unknowingly, put themselves in and out of withdrawal. A report in 2017 actually identified that that cost can reach up to almost $15,000, per member, per year.

How is Opioid Clinical Management different?

What we do is we use paid pharmaceutical claims and then our algorithm identifies patterns of withdrawal and costs, not related to the original medical condition, that required the opioid to be prescribed. And then our retail pharmacists reach out to the provider network to address these prescription issues and show them how to improve. The result, after 12 months we've seen clients that reduce 75% of unrelated costs due to the opioid prescription. And the key thing is, we never identify the member or contact them.

Who's a good fit for Opioid Clinical Management?

Really it's a good fit would be any broker or advisor that wants to help a health plan, greater than 500 members, reduce the cost and the risk of opioid prescribing. We provide an initial analysis, for this, to identify these costs. If the employer plan has hidden costs, or that identifies hidden costs and risks due to opioid prescribing, allowing the broker or advisor to be a thought leader in the opioid crisis.

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Duration: 02:16

Posted: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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