We are a cost containment firm that helps groups control their overall healthcare spend. We have the most comprehensive RBP program in the market.


What is ClaimDOC?

ClaimDOC is a cost-containment firm. We provide various savings tools for employer-sponsored health plans. Our primary bread and butter product is a reference-based pricing plan. And I believe we have the most comprehensive and robust open-access solution in the market.

How is ClaimDOC different?

We're a family-owned boutique shop. Most of my competitors are private equity backs or part of a publicly-traded entity, which means that their first priority is delivering returns to their investors, and we don't have that hurdle with job. So it allows us to reinvest in our service model, which we truly do, I'm not just saying that. Our customers know it, I think the market is opening up and seeing it as well. The other piece is that we do everything in-house. White gloves, member advocacy, a true concierge service, provider relations in house, balanced bill support, the legal defense in house. Anyone else can say that at least not with a straight face.

Who's a good fit for ClaimDOC?

That's twofold. One is it's the broker consultant community. We're looking for the right type of consultant broker, you know, the guys out there that wanna do something different. They wanna disrupt the status quo. And then on the client-side, we're looking for knowledgeable decision-makers, that wanna really dig in and find the best solution and make it a good long-term strategy for their business. The businesses out there that wanna get out of the rat race of double-digit renewals every year, and then you shop the market with the big four carriers, or maybe even a regional PPO only to say 5%, and then you're doing it all over again next year. That's not our model. We're playing the long game and we're here to create a sustainable solution for the plan its members, everyone involved, and yeah, that's why people should want to do business with ClaimDOC.

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Duration: 02:37

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2022

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