Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair

Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair is an interactive experience that guides employees through Open Enrollment and makes sure they complete their benefits deadlines on time.


What is Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair?

Airbo is a benefits engagement platform that helps employees and employers navigate the benefits ecosystem with ease. We educate employees about their benefits in a fun and engaging way using Instagram-style content that is sent straight to their mobile devices. One of our core products is our Virtual Benefits Fair, which is an interactive experience that guides employees through the open enrollment and makes sure that they will complete their deadlines on time.

How is Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair different?

Our Virtual Benefits Fair is unique in several ways. First off, we focus on making benefits information accessible to every employee, no matter where they work or what language they speak. That's why all of our content can be auto-translated into over 40 languages and is delivered in the most effective way for your population, whether that's via text message, email, a link, or by scanning a QR code. Once we get in front of your employees, the content they receive is both easy to understand and very engaging. We use a variety of interactive elements, like surveys, points, and raffles, to drive participation. Our current customers see completion rates of up to 97% in just two weeks using this gamified approach. Lastly, Airbo doesn't just make the open enrollment experience fun for employees, but also for benefits teams. We create all the content for you based on your benefits guide, so all you have to do is review it, add any final touches, and click Send.

Who is a good fit for Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair?

Airbo is a great fit for companies who want to make sure all of their employees understand and value their benefits, especially during open enrollment. So if you want to drive participation and engagement this OE season, our Virtual Benefits Fair is the perfect way to do that. For companies that want to test Airbo before open enrollment, we also offer a free version of our Virtual Benefits Fair specifically for new hires. If you'd like to learn more, you can book a demo on our website,

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Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2024