Fore Genomics

Fore Genomics provides the most comprehensive genetic testing service designed for healthy newborns, infants, and children to understand and manage their risk of genetic disease.


What is Fore Genomics?

Fore Genomics is a health screening company focused on pediatric health and wellness solutions. Our product that is in market is a genetic health screening test for newborns, infants, and children. And why is genetic health screening important? It's because approximately 10% of the population, 30 million Americans live with a genetic disease. 70% of these have symptoms that present before the age of 20, and there is often a time-consuming and expensive diagnostic process between symptoms and a diagnosis.

How is Fore Genomics different?

So our genetic health screening test is the most comprehensive test available for seemingly healthy children. We test for over 300 conditions as well as pharmacogenetic response, how your body responds to different medications. The conditions we test for are neurologic, hearing loss, pediatric oncology, metabolic disorders. Our test is also very easy to order. You can order directly from us online as well as to collect the sample. It's a simple at-home saliva collection. We also provide both pre and post-test genetic counseling and deliver clinical reports that can be used by your pediatrician. We don't stop there though. We provide annual updates until the child turns 18. We're constantly learning how our genes and disease are related, and so we incorporate that new insight as we deliver new reports each year.

Who is a good fit for Fore Genomics?

Fore Genomics is for the family that wants to be proactive about their healthcare and wants to be proactive about their healthcare as well as their child's healthcare. And so we're for those families, and we're for those employers that want to recruit and retain those families and show that they're invested in health and wellness for their employees.

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Posted: Friday, June 7, 2024