SelectSoftware Reviews (SSR)

We offer free consults that help HR teams find and buy the right software (HCM, Payroll, ATS, etc). Brokers use us to help their clients, and prospects select the right vendors for the right price.


What is SSR?

SSR's mission is to help organizations find and buy the right HR technology. We do this through free advice, so anybody can call us up, talk to an expert, and get tailored advice on what systems they should be looking at, what price they should be paying, how to deal with internal stakeholder management. And we partner with benefits brokers mostly to help their clients. So, an example of this would be last week, a broker came to us and said, "Hey, talking to a client last week over lunch. They are fed up with their payroll system. Customer support is terrible. They're probably also overpaying. Can you help them?" And of course we say, yeah, let's get on the phone. We talk to them, understand in depth what they're looking for. They were being overcharged by about $10,000 a year. And we also recommended three other solutions that they should look at when reevaluating when their contract renews.

How is SSR different?

All we do is HR technology. So, around 100,000 companies a month use our research or talk to our advisors to figure out what HR tech to buy. So, we have a lot of deep industry expertise and we are also free. You can come to us with your clients, prospective clients, you can ask us questions, you can take up as much time as you want. We are brokers, so we get paid by the vendor at the end of the day. So, just like benefits brokers are being paid by the insurance companies, we are getting paid by the HR technology vendors, and so we can offer a lot of value for free.

Who is a good fit for SSR?

Anybody whose client is looking at a new system, whether it's benefits, HRIS, ATS, payroll systems, you name it, we are a great resource. We're totally free. We're gonna white-glove it, we're gonna make you look great. The other really good fit is your perspective clients. So, you're in these longer sales cycles, you're trying to add value, reengage people. We can help those people out, make you look great, add value, and hopefully help you win the business.

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Duration: 02:28

Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2024