Divorce Right, Inc

Divorce Coaching and Mediation services


What is Divorce Right?

Well, Divorce Right cares for your employees who are going through their most personal life-altering crisis. We provide divorce support services that are not being addressed by your EAP programs. Studies show that divorcing employees lose 40% of their productivity, costing companies and government agencies nearly $500 billion a year. Divorce is likely the highest operating expense you don't know you have. 50% of married employees will go through it or have been through a divorce. When your company joins our membership services, your employees have instant access to our virtual program of a book, a workbook, and a self-paced video guide, and we include a one hour coaching session with a certified divorce coach. They also receive a 25% discount on customized mediation services, saving your employees a lot of money, and we combine it with life coaching support services to save your employee heartache and stress. You don't have to condone divorce to support your employees through this life altering event and supporting them through it can have a huge ROI.

How is Divorce Right different?

Well, EAP programs throw your employees into the most expensive and most toxic process in divorce, and that's litigation. It's just not a good solution for divorce, and it's likely causing them more trauma and expense. Our results speak for themselves. When we combine coaching with divorce mediation, the results are amazing. Our average cost of a fully mediated case saves employees over $10,000 and can reduce the time by 8 to 12 months. We also save companies from employees' absences, distractions, errors, and because of this support, we reduce employee resignations. We are the first to market addressing this traumatic life event impacting half of your married employees.

Who is a good fit for Divorce Right?

Anyone with employees, Chris. For the first time since 1960, the divorce rate is rising. There's a critical need now to support your employees through this. Don't let your employees go through this alone. Our affordable membership pricing starts at just 20 cents per employee per month. Divorce doesn't destroy people. It's the way we divorce in this country that destroys people. So contact us now for a free manager's Divorce Awareness and Sensitivity Training to support your employees. Use that QR code right there and if you work with or support first responders, please contact us for a special initiative to help those that help us.

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Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2024