Vitori Vantage 3-Yr Level Funded Health Plan

Vitori’s Industry-first Vantage Health Plan gives employers a 36-month all-in fixed rate for long-term budget predictability and cash flow consistency with a remarkable member experience.


What is Vitori Vantage?

Vitori's Vantage product is certainly unique in the market. It's a three year level-funded health plan for employers with 350 or more enrolled lives. We even offer a surplus refund opportunity after that time period, so it's kind of simple as that. It's a lock for their premiums for 36 months, that includes all their medical and pharmacy claims. And importantly, this lets employers have budget predictability and cash flow consistency. Peace of mind. There's no risk for any volatility over this period for the employer or the employees in the plan, frankly, who are used to dealing with crummy, escalating renewals every year. Surplus can be applied to the renewal or paid out if they need to exit after the three year period. And the plan includes tons of enhancements to a typical health plan, including $0 virtual care, $0 elective surgeries, Rx financial assistance, no balance billing liability for members, and other kinds of elements as well.

How is Vitori Vantage different?

Vitori Vantage is built around a very different model in the market called Vitori's Fair Market Payment. This is a proprietary platform that allows members open provider choice with the occurrence of friction at the provider's office and balance billing that is exceptionally minimal. Our balanced bill rate is less than a quarter of a percent, which is actually less than most legacy insurance carrier plans, and members are never financially liable for a balanced bill. The other really attractive aspect of Vitori Vantage is that employers have a choice to use a full national PPO model, or fully offer our provider choice, open access FMP model, or exciting way to offer both as a dual option and let employees choose at enrollment.

Who is a good fit for Vitori Vantage?

Unlike typical level-funded products, Vantage is made for employers with 350 or more enrolled lives. It's available in all 50 states. Vantage is best suited for employers who seek that consistent long range budget stability. And all we need to create a proposal is basic underwriting information and we can get going.

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Duration: 02:28

Posted: Friday, April 12, 2024

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