Wild Health

Wild Health is a genomics-based precision medicine practice that cures chronic conditions, optimizes wellbeing, & mitigates disease risk via a dedicated care team & advanced machine learning.


What is Wild Health?

Wild Health is a fully virtual genetics based precision medicine service. We developed the world's first AI-driven precision medicine platform, which synthesizes hundreds of thousands of data points from each patient's genetics lab work, medical history and lifestyle factors to customize lifestyle-based care plans full of actionable recommendations across all key pillars of health, such as diet, exercise, sleep, medications and more. Care is delivered by a board-certified physician with specialized training in precision medicine and an accredited health coach for support in making lasting behavioral changes that can cure disease today, mitigate long-term disease risk and optimize overall wellness and productivity.

How is Wild Health different?

Well, unlike traditional one size fits all and trial and error approaches, Wild Health's precision medicine drives unparalleled outcomes by tailoring treatments to the unique individual down to the level of their DNA. A proprietary genetic test is mailed to the patient's home, and it looks at over 700,000 snips on every single patient. Combine this with a comprehensive blood panel, RPM data from wearables and questionnaires, and Wild Health creates a 50-page personalized health report that not only outlines current disease and future disease risk, but also acts as a blueprint for the ideal lifestyle to mitigate future risks and to cure existing illness. This frequently eliminates the need for medication and other procedures, which eliminates potential side effects and reduces costs. For example, we're curing diabetes in nearly 48%, half of our patients, who are diabetic and pre-diabetic, in less than six months. Compare that to about 3% in traditional medicine. On top of that, we help patients overcome day-to-day issues like joint pain, insomnia, headaches and other chronic problems that drive absenteeism and hinder performance, reducing healthcare utilization and spend.

Who is a good fit for Wild Health?

Wild Health's a good fit for everyone. We're direct-to-consumer nationwide today, but we also want to reach organizations that want to consolidate point solutions. We treat the whole person and do sick visits. So you may not need a bunch of individual programs anymore. Companies who want to save money, companies who want to increase productivity by creating an engaging wellness program to acquire and retain top talent and any employer that's tired of year after year spending increases when the outcomes just aren't there. The future of healthcare is here today, and we would love to have a conversation with any organization about how we can implement our simple, wildly effective plug-and-play solution.

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Duration: 02:32

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2023

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