TPAC's mission is to change the way healthcare is financed, disclosed and delivered. We utilize the first-ever level-funded product Spaggregate to help small groups move to self-funding.


What is TPAC?

TPAC is the company you can trust with your stop-loss and risk management. TPAC has been established since 1991. We are a privately held Managing General Underwriter, based in Minnesota. We underwrite on behalf of A and A+ rated carrier partners. TPAC also takes significant risk on everything we underwrite out of our captive insurance company. Our product line includes traditional stop-loss, a capitated drug card, balance bill protection tool, along with the first-ever level funded product developed 23 years ago, Spaggregate.

How is TPAC different?

Our mission is to change the way healthcare is financed, disclosed, and delivered. One of the first steps in accomplishing our mission is to build bridges for small to mid-size employer groups to move from fully insured to self-funding. What makes us different? Well, for groups under 100 employee lives, we issue firm quotes without claim data or health questionnaires utilizing AI scoring tools, which TPAC has been using since 2016. Since our inception, TPAC has held to a principle of not lasering and continue to uphold that guarantee. It is our belief that a large laser is a detriment to the market segment we serve and their ability to manage risk. We also recently launched an auto quoting tool called SLEQ to reduce the RFP turnaround time to five minutes. With a mission this expansive, we remember that it's our risk and your reward.

Who is a good fit for TPAC?

Well, TPAC partners with employers who align with our mission and want to take their health plan from a burden to a benefit. We do this through collaboration with advocates, advisors, and administrators working on behalf of the plan. TPAC beliefs in cultivating partnerships and focusing on the success of all involved parties. Through these partnerships, we can collectively change the way healthcare is financed, disclosed, and delivered.

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Duration: 02:29

Posted: Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs