United Care Consortium

The United Care Consortium is an employer health plan. We are made of industry-leading best practices, and help brokers save their clients 20-30% on their health cost using non-disruptive strategies.


What is United Care Consortium?

The United Care Consortium is an employer health plan comprised of industry best practices to combat cost trends, unreasonable treatment costs for members and long-term rate volatility. Collectively, the strategies create a first of its kind health plan available to employers throughout the country that is compliant and non-disruptive to implement.

How is United Care Consortium different?

We actively work to control costs from all sides of an effective health plan. We use an innovative method unique to our operation within our national PPO network, where payment is efficiently agreed upon to the lowest mutually satisfactory price point between the health plan and the provider. The key points here are that we are network-based, bringing all the security a health plan wants with all the upside of some volatile advanced strategies used elsewhere. On the pharmacy side of our plan, we compliantly ensure that members receive their medications at the lowest possible price, not only for the health plan, but also for themselves and their families. The key point here is that we are a sustainable practice on ensuring not just low cost for pharmacy today but for years to come in an ever-changing landscape. We are the only health plan offering cost containment on all sides for our COP clients to keep costs low today and tomorrow without impacting plan design and member usability. And perhaps most importantly, we integrate all of these savings opportunities without impacting the type of care or prescriptions a member can receive and without changing their path to receiving care or pharmacies.

Who is a good fit for United Care Consortium?

Employers of all sizes and industries can benefit from our offering. Our effectiveness tends to scale with the size of our client. However, we feel our sweet spot to be between 50 employees and 2,500 employees on the health plan. Our minimum requirement is 25 enrolled employees.

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Duration: 02:12

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2023

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