Blue Raven Actuarial

Blue Raven Actuarial is a consulting firm providing actuarial and enterprise reporting services to plan sponsors, brokers, consultants, managed care companies, and other health solution providers.


What is Blue Raven Actuarial?

Blue Raven Actuarial is a consulting firm. We have years and years of expertise in insurance brokerage markets and technology, and we use it to deliver value inside of the U.S. healthcare ecosystem. Our process is also a part of our identity, and it follows the roadmap you're seeing here on the page. We consult with our clients, and then we use what they share with us to create or analyze different solutions. Where we really shine is when we get to report the results of those strategies back to our clients and to their stakeholders.

How is Blue Raven Actuarial different?

Well, we're different in a lot of ways, but my favorite is the strength of our team. We only employ actuaries who've reached advanced accomplishments in their careers. And because the team we've built, we can say yes to any group medical insurance project, be it for active employees or retirees, or it could be a total benefit review or an RFP for a PBM. And what makes it really special is the way that we've incorporated technology into our service offering. So we've created a reporting platform built in the cloud that allows us and our clients to share our reporting with their clients and their stakeholders. So it's effectively an API that allows brokers and health plans to report anything they want to anybody they want. And it works because we know what our clients want, and that's to win business of their own and keep the business they've worked hard to earn. And so that's what we put all of our energy and technology into supporting.

Who is a good fit for Blue Raven Actuarial?

Well, our clients are brokers, consultants, health plans, TPAs, PBMs and point solutions. The thing all of those different types of businesses have in common though is that they all serve employer plan sponsors. And so we provide service to some plan sponsors as well. Usually though, it's through one of the groups of insurance players that you see in the colorful boxes there, but in some instances, we do work with very large plan sponsors directly. What people need to know is that all financial projects within insurance fall on a difficulty scale of one to 10, most businesses have the staff to handle everything up to an eight, but for the nines and tens, people call in the actuaries to get things done. And our process and our team allow us to be very, very helpful in those moments. So that really wraps it up. And please find us on LinkedIn to get in touch with us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Posted: Monday, September 18, 2023

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