Elektra Health

Elektra Health pairs evidence-based expertise and personalized virtual care with peer support to transform how women navigate their health post-fertility.


What is Elektra Health?

Elektra Health is a digital health company that's reinventing menopause care for the 50 million women navigating menopause today. We're female-founded, tech-enabled, on a mission to smash the menopause taboo. How do we do it? We empower women with access to evidence-based education, care, including telemedicine, and community. We offer unlimited coaching, personalized wellness, and a supportive community. We're the first full-stack digital health platform for women's health post-fertility starting with menopause.

How is Elektra Health different?

Elektra Health is different because we are the leading provider of menopause care and services in the digital health space. We've been in market for years working with thousands of women and have been the first to partner with health plans including Mass General, Brigham Health, and Emblem Health in New York. We're championed by leading experts in menopause medicine and we seamlessly and quickly integrate with leading enterprise systems, no development necessary.

Who is a good fit for Elektra Health?

Organizations that are forward-leaning and want to achieve their health equity goals, as well as support and retain a vital demographic in the workforce, that is women age 40 and above, caregivers, sandwich generation, and the majority of managers should reach out to Elektra. It's incredibly important to offer women's health benefits through fertility, maternity, and also menopause. So we're incredibly excited to work with you.

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Duration: 01:45

Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2023

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