Garten Wellbeing

Garten offers a wellbeing platform that brings nutritious snacks, meals, drinks and wellbeing practices to the workplace through micro-kitchens, micro-markets, catering, Snack from Home boxes & more.


What is Garten Wellbeing?

Thanks, Chris. Yeah, garten is a data-driven workplace nutrition and wellbeing platform, designed to help companies of all sizes with their wellbeing culture, and simultaneously better their employees health. Whether we're working with companies to build out their corporate wellness strategy, design an enticing and caring back to office strategy, or just adding an integrated extension to a wellbeing program or platform, we believe it all starts with what we put in our bodies. So garten delivers and designs nutrition experiences that fulfill and exceed the needs of onsite and remote employees through offerings like garten Kitchen, Chef, Infinity, and more. We work with companies with a myriad of business objectives, cultures, and budgets to design an experience that's right for them.

How is Garten Wellbeing different?

Yeah, a lot of ways. Three come to mind. One of 'em is our keen focus on health and sustainability. While there's many large food service companies content with filling offices with Peanut M&Ms and soda, we work to satisfy employees food wants with delicious, healthy alternatives. In that we have a proprietary food ranking system that allows for the quantification of nutrition shifts in a population. Secondly, technology and data. Not only can we report on consumption habits, but we also have a proprietary data analytics and technology suite that allows for the understanding of overall population health based upon nutrition trends. And also the same technology is what allows us to seamlessly integrate with wellness platforms and existing programs. Lastly, I'd mention we're easy to work with. That same platform allows for easy digital kitchen, restocking, managing food orders and budget, and also we're incredibly flexible with contracting, pricing, et cetera in these uncertain times. So we wanna be easy to work with.

Who is a good fit for Garten Wellbeing?

Yeah, good question. So through our immense growth over the last seven or eight years, we've had the privilege to work with exploding startups all the way through Fortune 10s. We've had success with a myriad of industries such as industrial, biotech, retail, and everything in between. But I'd say companies that are looking to build an enticing, thoughtful back to office strategy are good fits for us, as well as folks looking to add a seamless and integrated extension to their already awesome wellness program. But in general, just companies looking to build a healthy culture fueled by good nutrition and the experiences that are associated with it.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Monday, January 16, 2023

Video tags: 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs