Renalogic helps self-funded groups manage the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease and dialysis.


What is Renalogic?

Renalogic is a company that helps self-funded health plans manage the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease. We do that through the Renalogic Suite. Our analytics product, ImpactIQ, identifies, quantifies, and stratifies hidden chronic kidney disease risk. Our care management services, ImpactCare, delivers evidence-based health coaching to health plan members with chronic kidney disease or at risk for chronic kidney disease to stop the progression of that disease, in the best case, reverse it. Our ImpactAdvocate service delivers even more specialized care management and administrative navigation to health plan members with late-stage chronic kidney disease or who are in dialysis. And our category-leading dialysis cost containment solution, ImpactProtect, reprices high dialysis claims to save health plan members hundreds of thousands of dollars per affected health plan member per year.

How is Renalogic different?

What makes us different is that we're the only solution provider in the space with proven, guaranteed impact every day. Financially, our dialysis repricing services are proven by the Validation Institute to save clients nearly 85% off of contracted dialysis rates. Our care management services are actuarily proven to save clients more than $2,300 per enrolled member per year. Clinically, our care management services are actuarily proven to prevent kidney failure, right, end-stage renal disease, in 98.3% of enrolled members. And legally, our dialysis cost containment solution has been proven to be the most legally defensive solution available in the market. It was validated by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Who is a good fit for Renalogic?

Any self-funded group, so we work with groups that are as large as Fortune 500 clients, as small as a few hundred employees. Our sweet spot tends to be in the 1,000 to 5,000 covered life range across all industries.

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Duration: 02:28

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2023

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