Neura Health

Neura is a virtual neurology solution that connects employees with top neurologists across the country to treat chronic conditions like headache & migraine, sleep and pain disorders, epilepsy, and MS.


What is Neura Health?

Neura Health is a virtual neurology clinic and innovative new healthcare benefit. We were built to help the one in three employees who suffer from a chronic neurological condition. Unless you happen to have one of the conditions listed here or know a loved one or friend who does, you might not be aware of just how common these conditions are. United Healthcare recently released a report that showed neurology as a category in claim spend is a top five spend category for self-insured employers. And really what's driving this is a nationwide shortage of neurologists. What ends up happening is the average American who has a neurological condition ends up waiting four to six months to see a board certified neurologist.

How is Neura Health different?

So we're the only neurology solution on the market with a comprehensive approach to whole-person care. So our solution includes the first national network of teleneurologists that provides evidence-based care, coaching support for managing lifestyle modifications and staying on track with a personalized treatment plan and a proprietary digital platform to track symptoms in real time and empower providers to reach out proactively rather than reactively. We've seen over 16,000 patients on the platform and we're the first neurology solution on the market to actually have our results published in a peer reviewed journal. We saw a 73% reduction in ER and urgent care visits and our savings corroborate a 3.8X return on investment for employers.

Who is a good fit for Neura Health?

Really innovative, forward thinking employers, all sizes, companies that want to prioritize health equity, diversity and inclusion, especially for employees living with invisible chronic illness and benefits teams that want to make a dent in their medical spend and their premiums. A big part of what's driving these up for neuro is needless ER visits, urgent care visits, office visits, even hospitalizations. And that's what happens when access is poor and care is reactive rather than proactive. And so really at Neura Health, our mission is to do right by the 145 million Americans who suffer from chronic neurological conditions and excited to talk to HR partners. You can contact us at our site to learn more.

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Posted: Friday, June 30, 2023

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