Vitori Health

Vitori solves the challenges of outdated employee health plans with remarkable member support, 30% savings, network and open access plans, and an unmatched Claims Savings Guarantee.


What is Vitori Health?

Vitori is a modern health plan that solves the challenges of outdated employee health insurance and high-friction, reference-based pricing plans with significant savings, remarkable member experience, network and open access plans, and an unmatched $1 million savings guarantee. Our seamless all-inclusive administration combines medical claims administration, pharmacy benefits, preferred contracting, and member support, all under one umbrella. Members contact our full-service concierge for any and all needs through a single, client-specific phone number. They enjoy unrestricted provider access, free virtual care, our $0 out-of-pocket Surgeons of Excellence program, built-in member financial assistance for high-cost drugs and hospital charges, and more. With savings that are unattainable from the legacy insurance plans, Vitori clients are able to offer better benefits at a lower cost to attract and retain talent in a competitive market.

How is Vitori Health different?

Vitori is built better from the ground up, not with compromised legacy system components and economics. We started with what's familiar, a nationwide physician PPO network and access to 67,000 pharmacies, and added our advanced fair market payment pricing technology to create lowest net cost medical and prescription drug results without provider, pharmacy, or member friction. Unlike both outdated insurance carrier plans and pay and fight reference-based pricing plans, Vitori drives significant savings with member net promoter satisfaction scores in the 80s, 100% client retention, maximal provider access, less surprise billing than legacy insurance plans, and no balance billing liability for members.

Who is a good fit for Vitori Health?

Employers and benefit advisors who know the legacy health insurance system has done nothing to stem their year-over-year cost increases or improve member support. Executive teams, boards of directors, and HR benefits leaders who understand their fiduciary accountability to their plan participants and the competitive advantage a significant reduction in healthcare overspending can create in an inflationary economy and a talent-driven market. Those who want to free up money to enhance employee benefits, fund business initiatives, and more. With sustained year-over-year cost control and an unrivaled member experience, Vitori is the last health plan an employer will ever need. I encourage everyone to use our savings calculator on our website. With just a few pieces of information, they'll get a robust, custom-tailored business financial impact report.

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Duration: 02:48

Posted: Friday, April 7, 2023

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