Healthcare Bluebook

We get members to fairer prices and better treatment and health outcomes by teaching them how to optimally navigate their existing network and formulary. Plan sponsors and members save money.


What is Healthcare Bluebook?

Healthcare Bluebook really pioneered transparency before it was trendy. So what we do is help employers and their members navigate within their network, their PBM, and their formulary to get to the most optimal outcomes and at the fairest price. So we look at the cost and we also look at quality through an objective lens. So when I say objective, I mean we're looking at things like complication, mortality, infection, unanticipated readmissions, things like that. And again, we're doing all of this without disrupting their plan, just enhancing and optimizing what they already have.

How is Healthcare Bluebook different?

We are looking at not just providers, we're not looking at just the facilities, we're looking at both of those for the exact treatments that people need and helping them comparison shop because you could go see Dr. Salby at hospital A for a procedure or have Dr. Salby at hospital B for the exact same procedure and have different outcomes. And that's because he's not the only person involved in your care. So we look at things at a very granular level, provider, facility, and the exact treatment that you need.

Who is a good fit for Healthcare Bluebook?

This slide's pretty busy. It's really two screen grabs side by side. This is an analysis that we do for clients to look at how much we can save them. Where are their centers of not just excellence but dysfunction, and then the guarantee ROI that we can offer. So that helps us determine whether or not a client is a good fit. All of our clients, for the most part are self-funded groups. And really what we're looking for is, an organization that wants to partner with us and lets us communicate and educate with their members throughout the plan year. We've got about 20 years just shy of 20 years of best practices, we know what works, we know what doesn't because a tool can be great, the data can be great, but if people aren't using it, then it's really a moot point. So we really shine when it comes to knowing how to motivate employees to change behavior through the data that we have.

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Duration: 02:36

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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