Virtual Physical Therapists

VPT is a national provider of tele-rehab. All of our PTs are also Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis. Our focus is on the root diagnosis, not a general exercise program. We provide 1-1 care, education in self-treatment, and email access to clinicians.


What is Virtual Physical Therapists?

We are a national tele-rehabilitation provider. When you wake up with neck pain throughout your back or injure your knee, instead of searching the internet for a diagnosis or waiting hours at urgent care, you can book an appointment with one of our specialists immediately. Our PTs will perform a thorough mechanical assessment to uncover the root cause of your pain, explain the problem in detail, including what will aggravate and relieve your symptoms and give you a tailored treatment program. No doctor prescription are required.

How is Virtual Physical Therapists different?

The most important difference is the high standard required of our clinicians. All of our care is performed one-on-one by fully licensed physical therapists or certified hand therapists. Our PTs must also be certified in mechanical diagnosis, requiring an additional two years of training. This advanced training assures a more in-depth evaluation. Why is this so important? Research has found that isolated extremity pain has a 43% chance of coming from the spine. So if you just have wrist pain or just ankle or knee pain, there's a significant chance that your spine is the problem. During 2020, we had about 800 patients referred diagnosed with shoulder problems. An assessment revealed 60% of the time their symptoms were coming from their neck and not their shoulder. To get proper care, you need to determine the source of the problem, not rely on the location or an MRI. We are not a simple exercise program like many other solutions, instead, we focus on covering the root diagnosis.

Who is a good fit for Virtual Physical Therapists?

The size of the company doesn't matter because of our virtual presence. We do a lot in workers' compensation and we were the only company able to handle comp on a national scale during the height of COVID. But our sweet spot is early intervention with self-insured. Our clinicians are able to provide care without a doctor's prescription. So when team members are in pain instead of suffering and having difficulty working they can be immediately seen by one of our specialists. Not only saving time but there are also huge savings on premiums because there are no doctor's appointments, no MRIs and even surgical rates go down.

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Posted: Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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