Our mission is to impact wasteful spending in healthcare by identifying, quantifying, and reporting high-value physicians in the network and help self-funded employers direct their employees to those providers saving them a significant amount of money.


What is HealthCorum?

HealthCorum is a healthcare data analytics company with expertise to support self-funded employers and their benefit advisors on transforming their provider networks into a high-value one and maximizing the outcome per dollar spent. As an example, think about it Chris, there can be a great procedural outcome that is relatively low cost, but if it was not necessary in the first place, it contributed to unnecessary care that can account for up to 30% of total spending. HealthCorum provider benchmarks and practice pattern analysis, help benefit advisors create strategies, that put the highest performing providers at the center of networks and encourage employees to visit high-value providers, ultimately saving money and increasing productivity.

How is HealthCorum different?

HealthCorum benchmarks look at a different category of spending to shift focus from clinical edits, audits and recovery efforts to identifying care that is unnecessary. HealthCorum brings the highest level of speed and accuracy to low-value care detection at the individual claim level. It is this proprietary technology along with our referral pattern detection and overarching scoring process that give our clients unparalleled insight into the care their members receive and where they're spending their dollars.

Who's a good fit for HealthCorum?

HealthCorum solutions are a perfect fit for any risk-bearing organization, including self-funded employers and advisers that support their health benefits offerings. The self-funded plans ability to be profitable, relies less on lowest negotiated rate and more on high-performing networks that emphasize high-value care and prioritize outcomes per dollar spent. Our technology is an especially good fit for the self-funded ecosystem because it allows us to deliver a level of insight that has traditionally been too expensive for small to mid-size organizations. Best of all we can deploy and go live within a matter of weeks.

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Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2022

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