Carrot Fertility

Carrot Fertility is the leading global fertility benefits provider. Our clinically-managed program is available in 120+ countries and supports fertility preservation, IVF, donor-assisted reproduction, adoption, pregnancy, and more.


What is Carrot Fertility?

Carrot Fertility is the prominent global end-to-end clinical solution for lifelong fertility healthcare. We differentiate ourselves in four main pillars, personalization, which would include customized support for any of these journeys, our clinical guidance, which is our expertise, which is woven throughout each of our interactions, our global solution, we're over in 60-plus countries, 3,100 eligible clinics, and 1700 agencies, and our aligned incentives are with the employer.

How is Carrot Fertility different?

Carrot Fertility is different because we support all fertility journeys equally. So regardless of medical diagnosis, age, gender, sexual orientation, we're here to cover for members to have any path to parenthood. And that can be from fertility planning all the way through an adoption, a gestational carrier journey, and most importantly, all the way through menopause and low T support. Our financial benefit will cover all those paths to parenthood, which would include those respective journeys. And for many members, their path to parenthood includes a combination of those types of care. Carrot is here to guide them through each of those journeys equally and respectively.

Who is a good fit for Carrot Fertility?

Carrot Fertility is a great fit for a customer that may have an employer that may have 200 lives all the way up to 500,000-plus lives. We work with self-funded employers as well as fully insured, wrapping around a mandate. And we today service over 400 customers with over a million covered lives. We are a global employer, and we're really excited about our 95% customer retention rate. And we'd love to have a chance to talk with you.

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Duration: 02:33

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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