Doctor Delivery

Our efforts are directed toward one goal: making good primary care convenient for all on a no-cost basis. Our employer partners agree to pay for DPC memberships for all employees who elect to opt-in, and we typically find 90%+ uptake.


What is Doctor Delivery?

Doctor Delivery offers health insurance to employers of 10 or more, that is based on DPC and a $0 deductible.

How is Doctor Delivery different?

There are two things that we do differently. The first is DPC. So we offer DPC memberships to all of the employees and we also have the doctor actually visit the site. So it's an onsite clinic with the DPC doctor, and additionally, we offer a $0 deductible to the employees as well.

Who's a good fit for Doctor Delivery?

We find that those employers that have a very strong culture and care deeply about the employees and their wellbeing are excellent candidates for Doctor Delivery. You need to have at least 10 employees to be eligible for the program, but we do look for strong leadership, folks that are very invested in their employee base. And there are very, very few that offer $0 deductibles in this day and age. And we think that the folks that is meaningful to, we can really help them. And we're proud of the fact that we can.

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Duration: 01:31

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2022

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs