Lyric Health

Head-to-Toe Virtual Care services that help mitigate the risks of those high dollar, preventable hospital claims.


What is Lyric Health?

Lyric Health provides whole body care that covers a person from head to toe in a virtual care setting that's convenient to the member. Since 2015, we've built a service that is technology focused, fully integratable, easy to use and provides superior support tools. Our all-in-one member portal and mobile app has everything a member would need access to within our ecosystem. With our APIs, we're able to integrate within another system for seamless care and we even have white label services if needed. Lyric has taken the next step in virtual care.

How is Lyric Health different?

Lyric has a full package of virtual services that range from the traditional urgent care to primary care to mobile blood draw for labs to caregiver integration to behavioral health to even care navigation. We're not only able to take care of those nasty fevers and colds, but everyday chronic care needs. It is a true shift in cost containment as we're able to help mitigate the risk of those unnecessary hospital claims by helping uncover those underlying health conditions that land someone in the ER. We have specialized care teams to help those members then manage that medication and treatment plan for consistent follow-up and engagement.

Who is a good fit for Lyric Health?

Lyric Health is for those employers looking to reduce their healthcare spend. Whether it's through a broker, consultant, or directly with the employer themselves, our mission is to make an impact on the employer's bottom line and the employee's health. We're perfect for those who want an all-in-one solution to provide virtual care access to employees who have not taken advantage of their employer's primary care plan where they don't have any convenient access, to begin with. It takes an entire virtual care package like we have, that covers the employee from head to toe, to make a true difference.

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Duration: 02:11

Posted: Friday, July 29, 2022

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