The Difference Health Plan

The Difference Health Plan provides mid-market employers access to multiple national networks, transparent care navigation solutions and a pass through pharmacy pricing with 100% rebate share!


What is The Difference Health Plan?

The Difference Health Plan is an innovative self-funded solution for small to mid-size businesses. We are bringing big company solutions into this mid-size space. We developed this product prioritizing what is most important to our clients and broker partners. What you can expect from us is access to national networks, transparent PBM solutions, and care navigation tools.

How is The Difference Health Plan different?

We are unique in that we offer integrated consumer accounts, our One-Card solution. We have been administering these accounts for over 20 years so we are very comfortable in this space. The Difference Health Plan also includes unique cost containment strategies. We have access to national PPO networks, such as Cigna, Aetna, and Highmark. Our care navigation solution not only helps our members feel supported, but also works to drive down healthcare spend. We have transparent pharmacy options. When it comes to pharmacy costs, there is 100% rebate share. And lastly, our ben admin system is built in, which helps make managing open enrollment and ongoing eligibility seamless.

Who is a good fit for The Difference Health Plan?

A good fit would be mid-size employers looking to capitalize on significant fixed cost savings, employers who wanna take that next step and convert from fully insured to self-insured, and groups who expect a high level of customer service. We are very proud of our service levels. We consistently pay claims in two business days, and our average speed of answer on customer care is 30 seconds. Difference Health Plan clients will also receive a dedicated account manager to assist every step of the way. We make it really easy to get started. We only need current and renewal rates, plan design summary of benefits, census file, claims utilization, and lastly, tell us what you want to earn. We will build it into our fee structure.

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Duration: 02:35

Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2022

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