Genomic Life

Genomic Life is accelerating proactive health. Their flagship group benefit offering, Cancer Guardian, delivers genetic testing, counseling, navigation, and clinical action plans to enhance disease prevention and outcomes while reducing costs.


What is Genomic Life?

Genomic Life is a unique organization that is focused on enhancing proactive health. And we're doing that by creating and distributing innovative employee benefits offerings that include access to cutting-edge genetic testing, technology, and services that can enhance both prevention and survival for employees.

How is Genomic Life different?

Genomic Life is different because, again, we're one of a kind. We created the very first genomics as a program offering in the employee benefits space. Our flagship offering is known as Cancer Guardian, and Cancer Guardian is a group benefit that gives our members access to clinical-grade genetic tests, technology, and specialized support services that are not typically made available or covered by the average health insurance plan. And the design of this program is to help individuals improve their ability to prevent disease, understand their genetic risks, and if they are ever diagnosed, give them access to resources, technology, genetic testing that can improve their outcome.

Who is a good fit for Genomic Life?

We've had the most success working with employers who are maternalistic, paternalistic. They really wanna take care of their employees, offer unique benefits that can help attract, retain, and really make an impact on the individual's well-being. We've had particular success with larger self-funded employers. And we've had the most success from an industry standpoint with healthcare, technology, finance, education, and manufacturing organizations. But it is a program designed for companies of all sizes, and we work with companies in all industries.

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Duration: 02:09

Posted: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

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