Tria Health

Tria Health’s team of pharmacists help people with chronic conditions improve their health by optimizing medication use, providing health education, and coordinating care between providers.


What is Tria Health?

Tria Health is a benefit solution that puts clinical pharmacists in the role of advocating for patients with chronic disease states. Medications remain the primary treatment method of chronic conditions. But people don't always take their medication that's prescribed. And even when they do, they fail to get the intended goals of therapy due to other medication-related problem. Chris, our average patient takes nine medications a day to treat six conditions. Three of those being chronic. So these people have a lot to manage their costs and they need help. So I treat our pharmacists ensure that every medication a person take is safe, it's appropriate for use. And is effective in achieving the intended goals of therapy.

What makes Tria Health different?

Tria Health is one of the few providers where the member engagement starts with a clinical assessment and is led by a doctor of pharmacy. While we identify and engage people based on clients data and the disease states they have, we do truly treat the entire patient and help them address all of their health needs. We also believe in thought called technology integration. And what I mean by that, not everybody with diabetes or hypertension needs a remote patient monitoring device. But we do have cellular devices that we provide to members and track as a supporting tool of their disease state when it makes sense. And finally, when we manage complex cases like we do, it's extremely important that we bring the doctors into the conversation. So our pharmacists will advocate for the patient by talking to their doctor about the recommendations to our care plans. And the consultant employers we work with also love the fact that our results are quantifiable and backed by a financial guarantee.

Who's a good fit for Tria Health?

We really work with self-funded employers about 500 subscribers or more on the plan. It doesn't matter who the medical carrier is or the PBM. And one of the common things we see is that our clients want those measurable results. As noted through our validation Institute match cohort study, we do see a reduction in ER utilization in-patient hospital stays. Finally, Chris, if anybody is interested in understanding the impact, we can provide a free health risk and savings analysis that will highlight the disease prevalence and the risks associated non-optimized drug use.

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Duration: 02:38

Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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