Benepass is transforming the way employers offer benefits and employees experience benefits. Through one card, employees all over the globe are experiencing Lifestyle and FSA, HSA, Commuter accounts!


What is Benepass?

Yeah, so Benepass is a tech-forward benefits platform that helps companies consolidate their pre-tax benefits alongside their post-tax benefits. So what that looks like is we help customers with FSA, HSA, Commuter, and HRA, along with any sort of stipend or reimbursement program that could be wellness, lifestyle spending account, professional development, cell phone, you name it. And we deploy it into a single debit card that employees can take out and swipe wherever they want.

How is Benepass different?

Yeah, absolutely. So sticking with the 3x3 theme here, there's three big differentiators within Benepass. The first being we are a technology-first platform. Our core principles are automated feeds with HRIS and payroll systems, The second, being customer-specific pipelines. So we build out a unique and customized flow to extract data from an HRIS or payroll and get it into Benepass system to mitigate any sort of issues there. And the last piece is we hold all of our card decisioning in-house. The second big difference is the consolidated delivery. We truly believe that rather than adding vendors and vendors for different point solutions, we think it's better to just have one platform that you can deploy all sorts of different benefits, stipends, reimbursements, and spending accounts. And the last piece is that we are a global solution. Our customers take advantage of the Benepass card all over the globe and have the ability to submit reimbursement within their own language and their own currency as well.

Who is a good fit for Benepass?

So we help two key areas. The first being companies that are struggling with issues potentially related to engagement, reimbursement processes, or poor existing experiences with their current vendors. The second area that we help is a lot of consultants in the space that are trying to better support their clients. It could be around issues with vendors, it could be challenges with client retention, or it could be for the producers who are looking to bring something innovative to the market and trying to have some ideas to win over some new clients.

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Duration: 02:22

Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Video tags: 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs