Employee wellness made easy and affordable


What is ZEAMO?

ZEAMO is a corporate wellness technology platform. What that means is we make it easy and affordable for today's busy HR manager and business owner to be able to give the employees gym discounts to gyms they want to go to, to nutrition dieticians, healthy eating, and importantly, to be able to reward your employees for being active and fit. They get actual rewards and they get challenges. So engagement and inclusivity, really key to what we do, and all of this for as low as $250 per month, per company.

How is ZEAMO different?

We're different in that we make it easy for employees to be able to join actual gyms. They can join the clubs and they have a variety of different types of memberships. Everything from family memberships to individual memberships at corporate rates, i.e., a discount, and they do not pay enrollment fees and they do not pay annual fees and they can cancel any time. Plus, we add on nutrition, dieticians, but also we offer rewards every time an employee is active and walks through step challenges or joins a club. So those rewards actually, again, included in the pricing, help the engagement and that is really key to employees often who are hybrid.

Who is a good fit for ZEAMO?

Really, any company who wants to help their employees. If you want to attract and retain employees, one of the most requested benefits by employees is actual fitness, specifically gym membership. We make this very easy. No longer do you have to go out and negotiate. We do all of that in a very simple to use and affordable tech platform. So medium and small size companies in particular, but even large companies. We have number of Fortune 500 companies, but this is making it easy for today's small and medium-sized companies.

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Duration: 02:21

Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs, 2501 - 5000 EEs, Over 5000 EEs