The Association for Healthcare Advisors focuses on verifying the ethical and transparent conduct of benefits advisors and other healthcare professionals.


What is AFHCA?

AFHCA is the Association for Healthcare Advisors. We are a nonprofit membership association governed by a board of directors. Our mission is to create a directory of advisors and solution providers, in the benefits purchasing industry that employers can trust. Our association verifies the transparency and ethical conduct of a healthcare advisor and we provide fiduciary standards to the benefits industry as a whole.

How is AFHCA different?

Well, we think AFHCA is different because it holds our members and the entire industry accountable to a set of ethical standards that historically has not been available or enforced in our business. As you can see on the screen, we've asked our members to uphold these six simple principles, acting as a fiduciary, eliminating conflicts of interest, and most importantly, and really what our association is based on is disclosing compensation. We feel that advisors who can objectively show that they're being completely transparent and embracing these principles, are the better advisors for American business owners who are retaining an advisor for the purchasing of a very expensive benefit.

Who is a good fit for AFHCA?

Well, we recognize that our business has invited more than just brokers to participate in advising on healthcare plans now, we are seeing clinicians and solution providers assist traditional brokers in advising. So, any professional that consults on the architecture of a health plan that is being purchased by an employer or utilized by a consumer, is welcome to join the association and welcome to apply to become verified.

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Duration: 02:04

Posted: Friday, October 13, 2023

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