ValueHealth Benefit Administrators

VHBA delivers health plan administration to self-funded employers nationwide. Founded in 1995 VHBA is one of the leading TPAs in the country delivering strategic, innovative & tech driven services.


What is ValueHealth Benefit Administrators?

Yeah, thanks, Chris. ValueHealth Benefit Administrators, we're a TPA, or a third party administrator. We provide services for self-insured companies, association plans, state and federal high risk pools all across the United States. Our comprehensive suite of services helps organizations improve their bottom line while enhancing the health and wellbeing of their members.

What makes ValueHealth Benefit Administrators different?

Yeah, so a few main things here. Number one, we're not tied to any carrier, right? We also put health plan members at the forefront of all we do. And we work with our consultant partners to set them and their mutual groups up for success. We're very unique as we prioritize member needs as they're the end user of the health plan and our services. We really shine in our ability to tailor solutions specific to our consultants and groups. As we know, a one size fits all approach just really doesn't cut it in today's environment. We also excel at consultation. Our dedicated account management team takes a consultative approach with our consultants and groups to provide them with the knowledge and the support they need to make informed decisions on their healthcare plans. Basically, in essence, what we offer is unparalleled independence, unwavering member focus, and a pioneering spirit in health plan design.

Who is a good fit for ValueHealth Benefit Administrators?

So here at VHBA, our core values revolve around the health plan member, so our approach aligns well with consultants and employers that want to take care of their employee populations. This approach doesn't necessarily narrow our focus to specific groups or sizes or plan designs. Groups and consultants who are discouraged by the state of the healthcare system are really great partners of ours historically and in the future. We're always looking for ways to help them get their ideas and goals off the ground. We're committed to helping them revolutionize and change the healthcare industry. In short, we want to lead and foster change, and employers and consultants who value this are perfect fits.

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Duration: 02:27

Posted: Monday, September 18, 2023

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