Cygenex revolutionizes healthcare economics through our end-to-end genetic testing solution, pioneering a paradigm shift in medical spend reduction and enhanced health outcomes.


What is Cygenex?

Well, Cygenex is a precision medicine company that has developed a cutting edge approach to improving healthcare outcomes and reducing medical cost through genetic testing. At our core, we've created an AI powered proprietary software that harnesses claims data for an in-depth analysis to help health plans identify and manage risk. Our innovative tool allows us to identify potential health issues and streamline the management of patients, particularly for those who are on non-optimized medication therapy, eliminating the costly approach to step therapy. Once we identify risk, we incorporate pharmacogenomics or PGX testing. This is a simple but powerful genetic test that determines how you respond to drugs based on your unique DNA. By leveraging this information, we ensure that plan members have the right medication at the right dosage that's tailored to their genetics. This maximizes treatment efficacy while minimizing adverse drug events.

How is Cygenex different?

First off, there's really no one out there that has taken the hands on approach that we have. We stand out from our competition through our end-to-end solution that has revolutionized healthcare management today. We employ a proprietary algorithm that risk stratifies members who would benefit from PGX testing. Based on the results, our powerful tool can calculate potential medical and drug cost savings. We then create a plan of action for those members who have been identified. We coordinate the pharmacogenomic testing process. We bring in genetic counselors to educate plan members. We then collaborate with physicians and pharmacy benefit managers once the correct medication has been identified. This comprehensive approach ensures not only risk identification, but also proactive intervention, promoting meaningful change for better healthcare outcomes. We've committed ourselves to a seamless API integration from risk assessment to personalized care resulting in healthier plan members.

Who is a good fit for Cygenex?

At Cygenex, we cater to a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem who are striving to offer optimal services to their employer groups with actionable insights. Our end-to-end approach enhances the stakeholder's ability to streamline operations and improve outcomes for their clients. Ultimately, Cygenex is well-suited for entities across the healthcare industry, seeking a comprehensive approach to managing plan members, improving outcomes, and reducing cost.

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Duration: 02:39

Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2023

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