ZaaS | Zen as a Service

ZaaS | Zen as a Service is a group of expert yogis, meditation instructors, and well-being professionals ready to bring classes and workshops to you!


What is ZaaS?

ZaaS stands for Zen as a Service. We are a mission driven, wellbeing company, that helps HR professionals and people teams, create a custom program for their employees. The employees that we work with tend to be young adults, new moms, or close to retirement, but we help everybody achieve their wellness goals at ZaaS.

How is ZaaS different?

The employees that we tend to see, struggle with finding time to provide programming for their employees. They tend to struggle having onsite and remote options, with the new hybrid model and way of working, people are working from home, they're working onsite, they're doing both. They have employees that are close, they have employees that are nationwide or traveling across the globe, so providing options for onsite and remote employees, has been difficult. Also, tracking the utilization company-wide with everybody scattered, has also been difficult for our employers. So, ZaaS offers the solution to this. We do onsite programs that are available nationwide. We also provide wellbeing workshops that are available global, so you can reach all of your employees, whether they're local, or across the world, whether they're on site, or at home, we can access them. We also provide strategy sessions to streamline processes. So if your company is growing, you're going through a merger and acquisition, we help maintain employee wellbeing through all of these changes that you're going through internally, through our strategy sessions.

Who is a good fit for Zaas?

If you're looking for office yoga, sleep habits, meditation, ergonomics, or nutrition classes, we offer all of these things at ZaaS. Our happiest clients tend to be forward-thinking professionals. They're HR people teams, that wanna make long-term healthy changes at work, and they have employees that are nationwide or across the globe.

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Duration: 02:22

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2023

Video tags: Under 50 EEs