Vori Health

Vori Health is a nationwide, virtual first medical practice specializing in comprehensive Musculoskeletal care.


What is Vori Health?

Vori Health is a nationwide specialty medical practice that focuses on musculoskeletal care. We were founded by two surgeons, one the head of orthopedic surgery at Mayo Clinic, and the other a Yale trained neurosurgeon, and they started the company because they realized what this problem you see on the screen. Large employers and health plans see this every single year, that musculoskeletal costs just continue to go up year over year, every single year. Despite any of the solutions that are put into place, it just doesn't seem to get any better.

How is Vori Health different?

Well, our founders started the company and decided right away we needed to be founded as a medical practice. So by being an actual treating practice with treating providers, it means that we can do things like render a diagnosis, order imaging, and write prescriptions as needed for individuals, and I'll say non-opioid prescriptions. One of the things that they also realize is this whole process needs to be really simple. So instead of having someone bounce around the healthcare system, which is very normal, especially when someone is seeking musculoskeletal treatment and care, they realize that all of this needs to come together as an integrative practice unit. So you're working with doctors, you're working with physical therapists, health coaches, dieticians, all in your same experience, so you don't have to try to figure that out. They also know that from a member perspective, people don't want to strap sensors on their body, keep track of that, make sure it's charged. They want to make it very simple. So having technology that works just within any sort of device you have, whether it's a tablet, a computer, a cell phone, all you really need is a camera on any one of those devices, and that's how our product works. From a standpoint of how to make this work for people who are interested in purchasing this, health plans and employers, we needed to make sure that all of our savings and our approach were not only clinically sound, but financially impactful to really address that problem we mentioned earlier.

Who is a good fit for Vori Health?

I think from a member perspective, it's anybody who has muscle or joint pain. We're trying to really get people back to the lives that they want to live, and that's really the goal and focus of our entire clinical team. From a client perspective, we do work with provider organizations. We work with value-based care organizations, but the main focus for us are really employers and health plans. It's employers of all sizes, as well as health plans within their commercial books of business, their Medicare books of business, all across the country, because we are licensed and we do practice in all 50 states, helping individuals, again, get back to the lives that they really want to live.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2023

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