MediOrbis is a comprehensive care telehealth provider. Our comprehensive services include general telemedicine, Behavioral & Mental Health, Medical Weight Loss and Virtual Primary Care and Expert Medical Opinions.


What is MediOrbis?

So, Chris, we have to be efficient because I'm on my way to the hospital to go save some lives as an active, practicing physician. MediOrbis is a comprehensive telehealth and digital health platform that supports the entirety of a member's journey through any and all clinical needs that he or she may have. Our digital-first solution provides general telemedicine and behavioral mental health as a baseline service to all of our clients. Our health risk management program involves physician-directed longitudinal programs which have outstanding outcomes in improving diabetes care, weight loss, and lowering overall morbidity and healthcare costs from chronic medical conditions. Lastly, we offer cost containment in the form of specialty and expert medical opinions as well as longitudinal care and wellness.

How is MediOrbis different?

So to understand what MediOrbis does and how we're different, one needs to understand our origins and foundations. MediOrbis was started by myself and some of my other colleagues from top-tier medical institutions with a desire to bring access to the best physicians and clinical services to a global audience. From our inception, we knew that we needed the best providers, top specialists, and longitudinal care programs. Additionally, the technology platform had to be simple and user-friendly for all parties, members, clients, and providers. Hence, the development of our virtual specialty centers of excellence where we could bring the top physicians to manage our patients' complex conditions. These providers function on our proprietary web and app-based technology which supports a myriad of useful functions including real-time analytics and reporting. Unlike many companies that focus only on a specific area, we were comprehensive from day one, providing the best care to members in all of their needs, especially mental health and in longitudinal care like weight loss and diabetes management.

Who is a good fit for MediOrbis?

It's easy to state that we work with employers, aggregators, benefits consultants, payers, and providers, the whole list. But more important, I think, is to focus on the populations of people that we can help. We're best-suited to provide comprehensive services to the heterogeneous population that has varied needs. Some may need standard telemedicine for their simple medical problems and medication refills, others may be struggling with anxiety or depression and still others may be trying to lose weight or manage their diabetes. Our digital-first, health risk management, and cost containment telehealth solution is best suited for groups that would benefit from a comprehensive one stop, engagement-driven platform that can support the entirety of their members' clinical needs.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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