Assured Benefits Administrators

We're the largest independent TPA headquartered in Texas with over 36 years of experience administering health plans for self-funded employer groups. We pay over $1 billion a year in claims and manage hundreds of clients from 2 to 5,000 lives.


What is Assured Benefits Administrators?

Assured Benefits Administrators is a TPA with over 35 years of experience in managing health plans for self-funded employers. We've got over a hundred thousand members and we are the largest independent TPA with headquarters in Texas. And we expand to not just the Texas region but across the country even internationally. We're a part of a privately held group of companies that are all in the health plan and benefit space.

How is Assured Benefits Administrators different?

So in addition to being that high touch claims administrator, member services company, we also have the ability to bring in other elements that really round out a health plan through the sister companies that are jointly owned with us. So things like our stop-loss MGU, a transparent PBM, proprietary network, and other cost containment services. And then on top of that, we have tremendous external partnerships where we're bringing another approach to the areas of reinsurance, pharmacy, networks, musculoskeletal programs, and a whole host of others.

Who is a good fit for Assured Benefits Administrators?

A good fit for ABA could range from employer groups with two lives up to several thousand. Employers that look to ABA on the smaller end, will find our level-funded, our MEC products and our OSMA Health product, to be everything that they need in one package. And we also have groups on the larger end, that come to us for our administrative services and our stop loss and our pharmacy competencies. So, you could have an employer that's really looking to have a basic strategy of "I just want a flexible TPA that pays claims well" to "I need a full solution that is going to bring together the components of a great health plan that's specifically tailored to me and my members." And we feel like we have the capability and the competency to pull off a very wide range of solutions.

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Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2022

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