VIVIO Health, A Public Benefit Company

VIVIO analyzes clinical trial data to personalize specialty drug therapies for each patient that we serve. As a fully transparent specialty drug manager, VIVIO's employer customers also experience costs that are 50% less than the national average.


What is VVIO health?

VIVIO health is a specialty drug management firm. And so we start by asking questions that are different than other folks are asking in the industry. So one is, does this drug actually work? So we get deep into the clinical trial research on specialty drugs to understand when they work and for the people in which the clinical trials show that they actually were very effective. So now once we understand what specialty drugs actually do, then we make sure that it's gonna work for the individual patient that received that drug request. We're looking at that patient's medical records and doing a match between what available drugs are out there and what's gonna work for this person. If there's multiple options that could work for that person, we wanna make sure it's a fair price and that our plan sponsor clients are not overpaying for that drug therapy. And then once the person starts the drug therapy, we want to make sure that it's actually working for them. So we're getting deep into the outcomes data and measuring that with a physician to make sure it's being effective.

How is VIVIO health different?

Yeah, the traditional model for specialty drugs is you go in to your physician, they request a specialty drug and so they go through a prior authorization process. And the prior authorization process is really just matching what drug was requested to that PBMs formulary, and formularies are developed often for rebate value to say one drug manufacturer wants to have a preferred product that's prescribed more to that PBMs members and so if that's the match that they're doing, it's really not focused on what is the right drug for the patient. So our approach is develop a therapy plan for each patient that we serve. And so we're doing that deep medical record review and matching it up to come to the right drug working in collaboration with the patient's physician and then again, looking at that outcome data to make sure the drug is actually working for the patient.

Who is a good fit for VIVIO health?

We work with self-funded employers. And so we talked a lot about customizing drug therapies for the patients that we serve, and it also works out that we do the right thing for the patients and we're trying to get them on the best therapy plans. Sponsors also tend to spend about half of the national benchmarks on specialty drugs.

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Duration: 02:25

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2022

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