SWORD Health

A digital musculoskeletal (MSK) company that helps acute, chronic, and pre-/post-operation pain. Our solution provides members with clinical-grade care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the comfort and safety of their homes.


What is SWORD Health?

SWORD Health is industry-leading, clinical-grade, MSK care made virtual. We deliver our program with three core pillars. First, our members are supported by a dedicated doctor of physical therapy, 100% of the time. And those physical therapists are combined with FDA-listed technology. So we get high quality, real time movement data on each and every one of our members on every exercise in every joint to tell them whether they're doing it right or wrong and to help our PTs tailor their experience. So our PTs interact with members three to four times a week. They can change the program as often as needed for a hyper tailored member experience.

How is SWORD Health different?

SWORD Health is proven to be the most engaging solution in the market, which leads to phenomenal outcomes. On average, our members complete 31 sessions with extremely high satisfaction rates of 8.7. Even compared to in-person PT or our digital competitors, SWORD Health has the highest completion rate at 83%, which again, leads to great outcomes. We see phenomenal reductions in pain, surgery intent and medication consumption, of course, savings for the employer as well as great improvements in behavioral health indicators like depression and anxiety.

Who's a good-fit for SWORD Health?

Of course, anyone's a good fit for SWORD Health. But if you're an employer looking to address extremely high MSK spend or wanna do something for their members where they can treat their pain from the comfort and safety of their home, SWORD Health is for you. SWORD Health has been selected head-to-head against our competition three outta four times. You can see all of our employer logos here. We are selected because we have the highest standards for clinical focus. We're the only vendor with an in-person, a clinical trial against in-person PT, as well as level one and level two certifications from the Validation Institute. We have the broadest offering in physical health preventive, chronic acute, pre and postoperative MSK, as well as women's health. And we have the most personalized member experience. Again never set it and forget it experience here with SWORD. Our PTs tailor the program. So whether you're a blue collar workforce, a blue collar workforce, a white collar workforce, we've worked with an employer like you, and we'd love to work with you as well. Thanks.

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Duration: 02:43

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2022

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