Connected Mind

We provide your employees with an anonymous and private way to see their own risks for 6 common connected mental health conditions along with actionable next steps.
Your organization will receive an aggregate view of its overall mental health.


What is Connected Mind?

Connected Mind is a mental health screening tool. And one of the reasons why screening for mental health is so important is that 69% of those that are suffering from a mental health condition did not know that the symptoms that they were suffering from were caused by mental health. And this is so important, especially in an organization because there's a lot of amazing treatment options and EAP programs that they can implement but if people don't know that they have an issue, they're not gonna get the help they need. So screening is the first step to finding those underlying conditions so people can get the help they need.

How is Connected Mind different?

So Connected Mind is different in a number of different ways. One, is that we're clinically validated to screen for the six most common connected mental health conditions and we show individuals their risk for those conditions and it's completely anonymous as well as providing the organization with an overall view of the mental health of their company so that they can help develop programs and then measure scientifically over time whether those programs are working.

Who is a good fit for Connected Mind?

So the perfect fit for Connected Mind is really an organization that's looking to make an impact with their employees who are suffering from mental health conditions.

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Duration: 01:49

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2022

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